Notorious Tumblrations

Every couple of years I manage to crawl out of my dungeon and rejoin the public world for a few hours. This time around the outing was very special as I visited one of my favorite local Las Vegas comic shops. Alternate Reality Comics hosted a lovely reception for me as the feature artist of their October 2012 Artist Spotlight.

If Comic Oasis is my home away from home, then Alternate Reality is my home away from my home away from home.
Neither of which I visit often enough. 

Altogether it was a great night and a great venue. 
Anyone who knows me knows that I can be more than a little reclusive, I seem to be slowly set settling back into the hermit like habits that I had before I started doing work for Comic Oasis. I’ve passed on many events in recent days and probably could have display my work somewhere long before now, but if there’s one place I feel comfortable it’s in a comic shop.
I was happy to meet and talk with everyone I was able to get to, even though they must have been exhausted from the Las Vegas Comic Expo and MorrisonCon. There where a few people that I spotted that I wasn’t able to get around to, but hopefully I’ll get a second chance to say hello someday provided that I don’t stay in my dungeon for a even longer period of time after this.

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    Far be it from me to bash another’s hermitry, but it IS rather cruel of you to be depriving the wider world of all this...
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